Well…I don’t really know where to start. I thought i’d be open and share my annoying opinions on the internet, for some people they will enjoy reading it and most likely laugh at me for it.

A lot of the time, as humans we rant about some of the most silliest stuff. So I am setting up my own experiment. Every time I need to rant or get annoyed about something (that isn’t personal information) I will post my rant on here. That way we can see how our moods effect us (and how much of an angry person i am).  Not only will it most likely be enjoyable for many people to read, but will get multiple things off my chest. This could go great or terribly wrong.

I will be posting as and when I feel the need to rant, so keep an eye out for new reads!

Please leave feedback, so I know how to improve in my grammar as it’s not brilliant


Professional Ranter